Hello, I'm Megan. I'm a product designer who practices informed design decision-making through research, data, and a dash of intuition.

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*My deviantArt when I was 13 years old. You can laugh.

Self-Portrait from Sims 4


I'm Megan Vo, a born and raised Texan, product designer, and constant learner. I love exploring the intersection of art, design, and code. I believe in using technology for good. Currently, I'm building products for restaurants at Grubhub.

Previously, I led design at RigUp where we made bidding safer & easier in the energy industry. Earlier this year, I was invited to the White House for the LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Briefing to brainstorm how technology can help address criminal justice reform. I created Open Carry Austin, which educates Texans on open carry gun laws. I also helped design Speak for ALS, the first voice donation platform for people with ALS.

Outside the office I enjoy reading comics, going to shows, and eating too many buffalo wings.

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