NFL Draft Social

Pit NFL prospects head to head with social media data.

I designed an interactive social media experience that engages football fans during the off-season.


The NFL needed a way to engage their audience during the off season. Since draft picks didn't have active player stats yet, we utilized their social media statistics instead. Working closely with a developer to understand the constraints of our charting library, I designed an interactive experience for fans.

Desktop full view for NFL Draft Explroer
Mobile views for NFL Draft Explorer

Data doesn't have to be daunting

Understanding data can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. To help users make sense of it all, I designed a simple onboarding experience using step-by-step tooltips for first time users.

Onboarding experience with tooltips

Giving stats context

Is 5,000 total tweets a lot? What about 50,000? It's hard to understand what numbers mean without context.

Stats animation

In addition to the onboarding experience, I designed Twitter benchmarks comparisons to give user's a better sense of a player's popularity. Depending on the range of values, different benchmarks would appear.

Benchmarks based on other social media events for context

Lessons Learned

I began wiring this experience optimized for larger screens; mobile as an afterthought. I split up the UI for adding players and viewing their statistics because I thought it would be too cluttered.

I quickly learned after testing initial mobile wires interally that once a user added players to the graph, they had to scroll all the way to the bottom to view the stats (and that's assuming they would know to scroll down). Data would populate below the mobile viewport and it wasn't clear to the user that an action occured.

Mobile viewports hindered my initial iterations


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